Honest App/Product Review – Cheerz

A few days ago I was checking out the App Store for the first time in a few weeks and I noticed a new featured app that seemed like it might be worth looking into. The app lived behind a little yellow icon, it’s bright color reminiscent of the app’s name: Cheerz.

Cheerz is a mobile app (in a field of many imitators/competitors), where users can select photos stored their device and get them made into prints, calendars, magnets, and more.

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Now, Cheerz is definitely not the first app of its kind that I’ve used, and there are definitely pros and cons to using these types of services, but one thing I found interesting about Cheerz was that they were promoting the idea of having physical prints and memory albums and integrating that once commonplace practice back into the mainstream. In essence, it feels like they want to make the act of getting your photos printed and keeping them around for generations to come cool again, and that’s a mission that I can get behind.

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With that said, let’s dive into their product catalog. When I was navigating the Cheerz app, one thing I did notice was that the company did seem to offer a nice amount of variety within their product lines. Personally, my favorite items were the Boxes and the Magnets. In addition to those, users can also purchase Memory Boxes, Photo Albums, Calendars, Prints, Posters, Framed Prints, Metallic Prints, and gift cards.

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For my first purchase, I decided to go with a Big Fat Box, which is one of Cheerz’s photo boxes that includes 75 photo prints of the user’s choice (and the user can select either a square or rectangle size). The Big Fat Box holds up to 200 prints, and additional prints, after the initial 75 included with the box, can be purchased a la carte at a discount. In total, my Big Fat Box ended up with 100 prints.

The Design Jedi | Honest App Review | Cheerz - Big Fat Box Product Details

The Big Fat Box has a starting price of $36 (USD) and with the additional prints my purchase totaled less than $45. I will note that one reason I decided to add on prints to my order was because while navigating the app I noticed that there were three available promo codes that could be used and one was for free shipping on orders over $40 (USD) – I utilized the free shipping promo code offered within the app and did not pay for shipping, which I think I remember the shipping rate for the order coming to around $12 (USD).

After placing my order, I was shown a follow-up screen that gave me my own personalized promo code to offer to friends, so I’ve included it below in case anyone is interested in saving on a Cheerz order of their own.

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One interesting thing about my experience purchasing through Cheerz is that I received an automated phone call from DHL once my order shipped, which had never happened to me before. Apparently the package was going to be delivered within the next two days and “might require a signature”, so the automated voice on the other end of the line directed me to a URL where I was able to designate for the deliverer to leave the package at my door if I was not home. This was not an inconvenience by any means, it was simply a bit strange having to get instructions from an automated phone call about a shipment. However I will give them high marks for their turnaround time because it was extremely fast. I placed my order before going to bed and I received notification that it was shipped at around mid-morning the next day.

The shipment arrived within two days of being sent, which I find extremely reasonable. I even received another update call from the shipper on the morning the shipment was scheduled to arrive, to remind me that it was coming. Some might think this amount of communication is a bit much, but I thought it was an interesting added touch of customer service that went above and beyond what’s typically expected — especially from a service delivered via a mobile app.

Now onto the product itself; how’s the quality? Well, I mentioned that I was already impressed by the quick turnaround time and fast shipping, which I assume contributes to the relatively high shipping rates I noticed in the app, however since I used an in-app promo code to get free shipping and bypass pesky shipping costs I think I may just be a bit biased regarding the shipping.

When I received the first call from the shipper after the order was shipped, I was able to designate exactly where I wanted the package to be delivered so that I knew where it would be when I arrived home from work. Upon unboxing, I immediately noticed that the Big Fat Box I ordered did in fact look exactly like the product image I saw in the Cheerz app, complete with spot gold foil treatments and unique touches like the small white folded ribbon to help open the box. The company also included a cute miniature postcard as well as a mini promo card with a photo of one of their employees and an anecdote on the back with information on sharing, hashtags, etc.

The Design Jedi | Honest App Review | Cheerz - Big Fat Box Presentation

Overall, I thought the presentation was very nice and I was glad I went with the Big Fat Box option instead of one of the smaller boxes. I liked the size and shape of this box in comparison to the others, although I doubt there is any discernible difference in quality between the sizes. It’s obvious that the box is made of quality materials, and it’s aesthetic lets it bridge the gap between being a functional storage device while also fitting into most contemporary decor.

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Another aspect I liked about my Big Fat Box was how the inside of the lid seems to greet you upon opening it with the word “Bam” in gold foil letters. I also enjoy how the Cheerz team took the time to create a mosaic heart print out of several of the images I selected, and included it as the first print in my box, with the phrase “Be still my heart” written at the bottom.

The Design Jedi | Honest App Review | Cheerz - Big Fat Box (Unboxing)

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience and purchase using Cheerz. From the ease of the ordering process with their app to the excitement and nostalgia of going through each of my prints one by one — Cheerz helps make archiving memories fun again, and I hope that they are able to keep spreading the joy of printed photographs to more and more people for years to come.

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I was not compensated for this review. Cheerz offers promotional/referral codes for users through their app, as well as after the checkout process. To receive a $6.00 discount on your first order over $12 from Cheerz, use the code: CHEPAR