App Review – Prisma

You may have seen Prisma show up recently if you’ve checked out the Featured category of the App Store, as that’s how I found out about it. Then I read the App description and was intrigued so I  decided to take a look—and I’m glad I did.

Here’s how the App Store editor’s notes described the app:

“Prisma’s gorgeous pictures are almost too cool for words, but if we had one, it’d be ‘wow.’ AI re-creates your photos as breathtaking images that really look hand-painted, complete with natural textures and stylish, spontaneous strokes.”

So with that kind of rave review, I had to give Prisma a download, just to see if it lived up to the hype.

Prisma App Review | The Design JediThe app itself isn’t that sophisticated when it comes to UI, but I think that’s probably one of Prisma’s biggest strengths. It focuses on offering users the ability to apply unique artistic filters that are inspired by famous artists and art icons to their images, and I think  the complexity of the AI involved in the app’s main functionality would be hindered if the UI were cluttered with a lot of unnecessary settings and option controls.

Instead, the user is presented with a 2 simple choices upon first opening the app: whether they would like to use an image from their camera roll, or whether they would like to take a new photo using the phone’s camera in-app.

Next, the user has the ability to crop the photo, and then the user gets to select one of 35 different artistic filters.

Prisma App Review - UI Screenshot | The Design Jedi
One of my favorite things about Prisma is that it’s one of the only apps I’ve seen released recently that does a really great job with rendering accurate brushstrokes and textures, so it makes it quite easy for a user to make their images look like miniature works of art in seconds.

Currently, Prisma is available as a free app with no in-app purchases, however I can see that if future updates include new features, developers might see a need to start offering in-app upgrades. Overall, I think Prisma is a great little app to have in your arsenal for whenever you want to create a mini-masterpiece from one of your images.

Here’s a few examples of images created using Prisma:

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